Deep Sea Fishing.

We went on a 1/2 day fishing trip out of Southwest Harbor. It was a nice trip we spent 2 hours fishing than over to the island where the seals hang out (but they were all in the water not sun bathing on the rocks) so not much to see. On the way back to the harbor they stop and pull Lobster traps and divide the spoils between the people on the trip.

Maine Fishing Trip-1-3Maine Fishing Trip-1-4Maine Fishing Trip-1-5Maine Fishing Trip-1-6Maine Fishing Trip-1-7Maine Fishing Trip-1-2Maine Fishing Trip-1Maine Fishing Trip-1-8Lobster-1



4 thoughts on “Deep Sea Fishing.

  1. Looks like you guys are having a great time. We just got back to Montana after a trip to Seattle. We visited with my cousin and husband at their ocean cabin. Enjoy your wonderful adventure. Did you hear anything about working at the campground?

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    • Hi Al and Sue,
      Your trip sounds fun, time at an ocean cabin sounds very peaceful. We talked to the park manager yesterday and he’s not going to add anymore workampers this season. That works for us we are getting pretty home sick for the West. We put a profile up on Escapees rv club job broad for working in the Southwest for the Winter so we’ll see what happens. Its always good to hear from you.


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